Lightweight, easy-to-move bathrobe
with super absorbency of YUKINE range along
with soft touch and fluffiness.

About material and design details

We use our YUKINE refining method to achieve its super absorbency with fresh clean touch by maximizing the natural absorbency of cotton to its highest potential.

Using hollow yarn for weft makes it lightweight, and raglan sleeves and slightly loose-fitting front achieve wider range of motion to make it comfortable and easy-to-move.


Our regional refining method Atozarashi removes starch and other natural impurities, which spoil the absorbency of cotton, through a special cleaning process after weaving.
For YUKINE, we spend twice the effort on this Atozarashi process, maximizing the natural absorbency of cotton to its highest potential.

About shape

It has raglan sleeves which allow a wide range of shoulder motion, and a compact silhouette that does not look flabby from elbow to cuff. The hood and front fit are roomy to serve as a substitute for a bath towel, yet still maintain a silhouette that fits the whole body in a balanced manner.


White, Sage, Khaki, charcoal

A_Length : 102, B_Width : 59, C_Sleeve length : 80

A_Length : 115, B_Width : 67, C_Sleeve length : 86

100% organic cotton

  • There might be a slight variation in size due to the nature of the material.
  • This drawing shows the reference of length for a person of approx. 165/180cm in height. Please check more detailed sizes from "Size chart" written below.
  • There are belt loops to adjust the waist position.

Size chart

References of 2 sizes for various height.
 SIZE 01 / 155~160cm : Mimolée length - just below the knee
 SIZE 01 / 160~165cm : just below the knee
 SIZE 01 / 165~170cm : knee length
 SIZE 02 / 170~175cm : Mimolée length
 SIZE 02 / 175~180cm : Mimolée length - just below the knee
 SIZE 02 / 180~185cm : just below the knee - knee length

*This reference may vary from person to person.

There are belt loops to adjust the waist position.

About color

4 colors available to make it easy-to-coodinate for not only as bathrobe but as loungewear and casual wear.

(Sage green, Khaki, Charcoal, White)

size / cm (Inside dimension) W34 × D40 × H11

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