Bringing out a possibility of towel
by a new idea of sewing together

October 12, 2021


Takashi Shinto

Making a new item of towel
which can be used in many scenes
by sewing a few pieces together.

Thankfully, we have been recently receiving many inquiries from our customers that they want bigger sizes to use as bed sheets or a blanket. In fact, I myself was putting 2 pieces of 2.5-PLY GAUZE BATH TOWEL size-L side by side on my bed as bed sheet, and I was actually thinking that it would be much better if we could make it in bigger size. But, with our current production system it is difficult to make towels of bigger size in a single piece, so I considered if there was some other way to manage it and decided to start this “custom sewing service” to make towels in larger sizes by sewing existing products together.

Since the towels are sewn together it does not look as neat as a single-piece blanket, and the overlapping joints become a little bit chunky, but we believe that by wrapping your entire body in our towel you will enjoy its comfort and pleasant feeling even more.
By giving shape to the free idea of our customers, it becomes a new towel that are useful, fun, and unique. We want to grow SHINTO TOWEL together with you, and continue to seek for “what really is a good towel”.