Think together and create together.
“Dialogue-like Manufacturing”

October 12, 2021


Takashi Shinto

A place of experimentation to seek
for new possibilities through various trial
and error processes.

It’s been more than 5 years since our factory brand SHINTO TOWEL was born, and we are very happy that more and more people remember our name and are actually using our towels. Recently, we receive some valuable comments and ideas such as “We want towels in different sizes” and “We would like to see new products that make use of towel fabrics. However, rather than launching new products one after another and aiming for mass production, SHINTO TOWEL hopes to make progress step by step, as our craftsmen and staff create products that we truly believe that they would satisfy our customers. So, we started this “SHINTO TOWEL LABO.” to research what our customers want/need and consider how we can meet those requests by our own way.

SHINTO TOWEL LABO. is a place for experimentation to create new product with your free ideas, creativity of people from different industries, and our craftsmanship. Its aim is to discover new possibilities throughout the process of trials and errors. We would like to meet many people who share our ongoing quest for “what really is a good towel”, think together, and create something new together through a “dialogue-like manufacturing”.