Making a bathrobe based on
my own experience (2)

June 7, 2022


Takashi Shinto

YUKINE バスローブ

Updating the sample step by step,
through continuous trying and improving.

It’s been already a year passed since we started working on the concept of YUKINE bathrobe. Each time a sample is finished, I myself used it, asked other people close to me to use it, find some points for improvement, and then make a new sample to try out. We are on our way to update the product literally through process of trials and errors.
We are so glad that we receive many comments from our customers waiting and expecting for the launch, but I beg you for a little bit more of the time…We are almost there for the best finish.


YUKINE bathrobe became an
essential item for my home.

When I started its conception, my family was me and my wife with 4 years old son and 2 years old daughter. When I myself give two kids a bath at the same time I firstly wash their bodies and let them play in the bathtub, and meanwhile quickly wash myself. After playing in the bathtub with them for a while I go out and grab this bathrobe, throw it on myself putting on the hood to dry my hair, and hold my daughter up to take her out the bathtub. By hugging her with the robe on she is happy with a smile on her face, and our bodies get dry at the meantime thanks to the extraordinary absorbency of YUKINE. 4 years old son often remains inside to play more, so I move onto the YUKINE BATH MAT, finish the drying and moisturizing of daughter, changing her to pyjamas, hairdrying and then sending her to my wife. And then do the same thing to my son (if he was enough with playing at that time. Most of the time not).
What’s good about this is that, of course it’s very useful that I can dry myself and kid at the same time, but it’s better that I can make my kids happy and smiling every bathtime by just holding them up while our necessary action of drying our bodies.
I myself, as a father and as the manufacturer of this item, am very proud and glad that this item will make all the family happy.

I introduced my way of using YUKINE bathrobe, but we are developing this item to be able to fit to various family structures and lifestyles. We would like to complete the product imagining how it can be a fit to your life scenes.