Making a bathrobe based
on my own experience (1)

October 12, 2021


Takashi Shinto

I started to develop an ideal bathrobe
to make the bath time with children more happier.

It was around a year after my first child was born when I thought of making bathrobe of SHINTO TOWEL. Now my family was me and my wife with 4 years old son and 2 years old daughter. Me and my wife does housework and childcare together. One of the things that I found more difficult than I had expected was taking the children to the bath. As those of you who have small children can probably understand, I was wondering how it can possibly be so busy every time. Based on this experience, I started the conception of bathrobe wondering what we can do to help as a towel manufacturer.

Making it easier for ourselves,
and making it for the smiles of children.

First, for the selection of fabric, we thought that a bathrobe would be better to absorb mater immediately, so we chose YUKINE, which is the best in absorbancy among products of SHINTO TOWEL, as the fabric. And, since it’s a bathrobe it definitely needs to be comfortable when you put it on. So, we chose the hollow yarn as weft to create lighter and soft fabric. Also, raglan sleeves with enough width to make it easier to put on quickly, roomy hood which fits well in balance so that it can be used as a towel for wiping hair, this YUKINE BATHROBE was completed through repeated prototyping and check from various angles. We actually tried it on ourselves, and what my wife and I have found out after using this is that it has greatly reduced the amount of work we have to do after bathing our children. After getting out of bath, we can wipe ourselves and children at the same time by just putting it on and holding children up in our arms.In that way children are in a good mood while
wiping them, and also it can prevent them from running away with soaked body (You know it happens A LOT haha). And then we can immediately move on to the taking-care of children’s body moisturizing, changing of clothes, hair drying, and brushing teeth all at once, saving ourselves the time and trouble of changing our clothes. We can do the children’s things with our own comfort, and children will be smiling after bathing. I really hope you will experience and enjoy this YUKINE – BATH ROBE.