Further update on the bathrobe
based on our customers’ comments

December 17, 2022


Takashi Shinto


YUKINE Bathrobe is finally completed

Since we started SHINTO TOWEL LABO. we have many opportunities to hear comments and advice from various people and customers, and those helped us to discover more issues and points that we can improve. Referring to those valuable feedback we have repeated the sample verification, and finally further updated YUKINE BATHROBE is now completed.

Regarding the balance of absorbency and quick-drying,
we made it lighter and more easy-to-wear robe.

One point that we have received many comments on is that bathrobes may be difficult to dry after washing. This has actually been a major issue for us since the early stages of the conception, and we have gone through a number of trials and errors. Related to the overall weight reduction, YUKINE BATHROBE has a few centimeters shorter pile length than standard YUKINE towels, and “hollow yarn” is used for its weft. And, in order to solve the problem which many people mentioned that the pockets in particular are difficult to dry, we have reduced the thickness of the fabric almost by half by using “front-gauze/back-terry weave” fabric only for the pockets. From these improvements the entire bathrobe became lighter and kept the balance between absorbency and quick-drying.


Added color variation to make it
a loungewear-like bathrobe

We also heard customers saying “I’d like to use it as lounge wear if there was several colors to choose from” and “it might be helpful if it didn’t look exactly like bathrobe so that I can correspond to sudden guest like home delivery”. From the beginning of the conception I myself was thinking of making it not “a typical bathrobe-like bathrobe” but “a robe that looks more like a casual home wear”, so I decided to try some color variations and out of several sampling we chose Sage green, Khaki, and Charcoal for the lineup. With these color variations I think YUKINE BATHROBE became a bathrobe which can be also used like a lounge wear.


Additionally make a larger size
to let more customers try it

Having a few opportunities for some people to try it on, we received some comments that it’s rather small depending on heights, and also from customers overseas by just looking at the size guide. Since we wanted many people to use it in many scenes I then decided to add a larger size-02 to the lineup. These two sizes should be able to let people from 150cm ~ 185cm height use it without feeling too tight. (Please refer to the size guide for the detailed sizing.)

We have been reporting the developing process of this bathrobe on SHINTO TOWEL LABO., and with this time’s update finally it’s completed (for the time being until we find something to revise or improve).
YUKINE BATHROBE is now available, so we look forward to your inquiry.

size 01 _ Sage
size 02 _ Sage
size 02 _ Charcoal
バスローブ Charcoal
size 02 _ Charcoal
size 01 _ White
バスローブ White
size 02 _ White
バスローブ Khaki
size 01 _ khaki
size 02 _ khaki