mini bag-in towel

Pieces of YUKINE
Upcycled mini towel.

In the towel manufacturing process, no matter how much we carefully control it, a certain amount of loss occurs due to loose threads, frayed threads, and frayed pieces which we cannot sell to customers. We upcycle those materials that would otherwise have to be discarded into this YUKINE BITS by selecting the best parts from those materials and make them into mini towels.
With very high absorbency of YUKINE range, even this mini-sized towel is fully functional to wipe off your hand or your sweat.
It's lightweight and doesn't become bulky in your pocket or small bag, and instead of using paper tissues you can reduce waste by using this mini towel. So this YUKINE BITS is useful and also eco-friendly.

mini bag-in towel

3 pieces in a set
 100% organic cotton

  • [ midori (Green) ]
    green, yellow,
  • [ aka (Red) ]
    red, yellow,
  • [ kon (Navy) ]
    navy, yellow,
  • [ assort ]

For [ assort ] we will select 3 colors randomly to make a set of 3 pieces.
(From 6 colors : white, red, green, yellow, blue, charcoal)
* They will be 3 different colors.
* Please inquire directly if you would like to select 3 colors on your own.

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